I received a "Device Low Memory" error message. I cannot start or continue my recording. What do I do? How do I check available memory on my phone?

Briefly summarizes phone memory requirements and how to check availability

We apologize you are having difficulties recording with the application. If phone available memory drops below 1GB either prior to recording, or during recording, a device low memory error message will be displayed and recording will not be possible. This performance safeguard is in place to enhance application, recording, sound file data storage, and sleep breathing analysis quality.

DROWZLE requires 800MB to 1 GB of available storage to operate.

  • iPhone: To check available storage - click Settings -> General -> About -> Available
  • Android Based Phones: To check available storage - click Settings -> Storage & USB -> Available

If available storage is below 1GB, then additional storage will need to be created by deleting other content from your phone. We recommend approximately 1.3 GB of available storage prior to initiating a new recording.

Recordings stopped in-process with a "Device Low Memory" error message will also reflect a "Client Error" message displayed on the Report Screen .