If I am at-risk based on my DROWZLE screening results, will I need to do clinical sleep lab (PSG) or home sleep testing (HST)?

Discusses considerations and recommended actions based on results

Consultation with your primary care physician is recommended. Only a physician can prescribe the appropriate follow-up testing based on your screening results.

Those users that screen at normal to low risk, but have symptoms associated with OSA, it is recommended you consult with your primary care physician.

For most people identified at increased risk (moderate to high) for OSA by a DROWZLE screening, further testing can be accomplished by utilizing a HST (Home Sleep Test). HST is performed overnight in your home with a loaner device with sensors attached to your fingertip, chest and nostrils. HST generally costs around $300.

For a much smaller group of people, PSG (polysomnography) overnight testing may be needed in a sleep lab facility. PSG is reserved for those patients with other conditions or symptoms that require monitoring by a sleep technician within a sleep lab facility. These conditions include severe heart failure, chronic lung disease or seizure disorder. PSG generally costs $1000-3,000.