What is the DROWZLE Sleep Health Program?

Briefly outlines the program components and benefits to both employer and employees

The DROWZLE™ Sleep Health Program is comprehensive program designed to educate, motivate and measure progress toward better sleep health for your employees.

No matter what sleep health challenges they are facing, all employees can benefit from the iterative, self-guided program. As employee sleep health improves, so does their performance at work and their overall quality of life.

The anchor product of the program is Resonea's innovative new application, DROWZLE. DROWZLE enables employees to utilize their smartphone to screen their risk for sleep health issues, including Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The integrated sleep health program provides employees with educational material to improve their sleep health knowledge, encourage action, and measure progress over time.

Healthier, more rested employees may translate into higher productivity, lower health care costs, and reduced risk of workplace injuries for employers. Employers also have the opportunity to add a compelling, new and fresh benefit offering that conveys interest in their employee overall health and well-being.